Finding a sensible investment opportunity that is not only profitable but ethical is an ocean that many would rather not find themselves in. While we all want to see our money making a difference in society, the real challenge is knowing who to trust to do so profitably. 

While far too many startups are left drowning, we are sifting through the debris to unearth the trailblazers. Our mission is to find the ones that stand out above the rest.


We do it differently than the other funds. Our process starts from the demand side: identifying the problem and securing adequate demand from large institutions first. From there we canvas the market for the best technologies to ensure that the offtake is secured and locked in. Then, we accelerate the time to deployment through investment in fine-tuning and scaling. 




We provide capital for each round, from Seed through Series A-B Rounds.


We partner with company management to ensure that positions meet financial targets in a timely manner and are suitable to the business model, be it IPO or M&A.


For each investment, we work closely with the company’s management team to bring innovative technologies to the marketplace. 


With our team of former engineers, energy, technology and banking professionals, FUND4SE identifies high-performing sustainable technologies that address existing or anticipated industry needs and can be successfully commercialized.


We generate product awareness to address existing industry demand. Our broad expertise in technology, financial and engineering industries allows us to develop effective investment programs that satisfy unique market needs.


Fund for Sustainability and Energy (FUND4SE) is a venture capital and alternative investments fund focused on investing in unique sustainability and energy efficiency technologies. Our deep industry knowledge enables us to shepherd product development from its inception to completion. We provide all the necessary support and expertise, including production scale optimization, increasing manufacturing capabilities, and cost reduction. 


In 2019, there were enough greenhouse gas emissions to equal 11 billion passenger vehicles being driven for one full year. It’s no surprise temperatures are rising around the world, with a rate of up to 10°C in the arctic regions over the last half century alone. 


But this is starting to change. Policymakers worldwide are enacting stricter regulations every year, punishing carbon emissions and making traditional fuels cost-prohibitive.


We have witnessed rapid growth in the demand for energy efficient sources and sustainable technologies along with
a drop in energy-related CO
2 emissions in advanced economies. Many companies have already started turning to alternative energy.


And this is just the start of that trend.


This is why we are at the forefront of sustainability and energy efficiency. With ever-increasing energy costs, toxic levels of pollution, and projected natural resource shortages, the importance of such technologies cannot be underestimated.



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